Download the free demo version and try SFSPC!

SFSPC Demo 4.12, last updated July 31st, 2003 (15 megabytes)

Some of the features shown in the demo are part of patches for the full version. These patches are made available here for free. These patches can update the SFSPC version installed from CD ROM. Therefore, we recommend an Internet access possibility to all SFSPC users.

The hard- and software requirements for the demo are:

How to install and run the demo:

  1. Save the file to your harddisk.
  2. Start the self extracting file SFS412DM.EXE by double click. The included files will then be extracted to the folder SFS412DEMO.
  3. Open the folder with Windows Explorer or with the 'My Computer' symbol.
  4. Read the file README.TXT.
  5. Start the demo by double clicking the symbol "Menu".
  6. Select english language on the file card 'GRAFIK/SOUND/STEUERUNG', from now on the demo will run in english.

Major restrictions of the demo compared to the full version of SFSPC:

The SFSPC demo can be removed completely from your system by deleting the folder SFS412DEMO.