Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which hardware and software requirements has SFSPC 4?

A: See hard- and software requirements. If you own an older computer, you may take a look on SFSPC 3 , the predecessor.

Q: Are there special conditions for ordering multiple copies?

A: Please contact (Uwe Milde).

Q: The demo doesn't run properly on my computer! Why?

A: Please have a look at the Hard- and Software Requirements! If you encounter problems running the OpenGL version, please check if your graphics card driver is up to date.

Q: When selecting the option 'Direct3d' in the field '3D Driver' i get an error message. Why?

A: The Direct3D version is not contained on the CD. It is part of the patch 4.05 (or newer), downloadable here.

Q: I have Windows XP and SFSPC 4 runs very slowly. What can i do?

A: The graphics card drivers shipped with Windows XP are less than optimal in some cases. We recommend to install a recent driver from the homepage of the respective graphics card manufacturer.
for example for nVidia cards:, or for ATI cards:

Q: Will there be free updates and bugfixes?

A: Of course! We put free updates on our homepage from time to time, covering bugfixes as well as new features. These can then be downloaded by all SFSPC 4 owners, see under 'Patch download'.

Q: Will there be additional plane types for SFSPC 4?

A: Yes! We provide some additional planes as free downloads for SFSPC 4 owners, see under 'Additional Planes'.

Q: I have a problem or a question concerning SFSPC 4, whom should i contact?

A: Please write an email containing a precise problem description to Please mention your registration key and describe your computer (processor type, clock frequency, memory, graphics card, Windows version). We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Please also have a look into this FAQ from time to time, we will keep it up to date.

Q: On take off i get an error message like 'Ungültige Gleitkommaoperation'.

A: In version 4.03, if you choose water ballast > 0 and gust strength  = 0 at the same time in the SFS menu, this error occurs during take off. This problem is fixed since the first update (4.04).

Q: SFSPC 4 does not recognize my joystick, although it has been selected and calibrated properly in Windows System Control.

A: SFSPC 4 does only recognize a joystick with Controller ID 1. You can select the Controller ID in the game controller dialog of Windows System Control. If you connect USB rudder pedals, you have to assign Controller ID 2 to them.

Q: When trying to print the flight results, i get an empty sheet of paper or an error message.

A: The print routine does obviously contain a bug, which leads to these problems. We are working on it and it will be fixed in an update.

Q: How can i improve the quality of the ground texture display at airfields?

A: Starting with version 4.04 the texture display has a color depth of 16 bit by default (version 4.03 defaults to 32 bit). This can cause visible color dithering. In this case you may set the option ' Default Color Depth for Textures' (located in the propertiers of your graphics card driver) to '32 Bit'  (the exact text may vary depending on graphics card and driver version). However, this may cause a slower frame rate when running SFS.