Here is a small (726 kBytes) patch which fixes a problem of the OpenGL version 4.14: when displaying messages during flight on some computers the simulation became very slow or almost stopped. This patch fixes that problem.

Please note: this patch can only be applied to version 4.14! You must either have the CD version "4.1" (blue DVD box with imprint "SFSPC 4.1") , or you must have applied patch 4.14 (see below).

SFSPC patch to fix message display problem in version 4.14, 03.02.2005 (726 kbytes, click here to download)

Here is the version 4.14 update for the SFSPC 4 full version:

Please read the README for patch 4.14!

Owners of the 'SFSPC Version 4.1' CD don't need this patch, they already have the latest version. Users of patch 4.12 should read the readme (see above) and decide if they really need it, because the differences compared to 4.12 are small.

SFSPC patch 4.14 from 22.11.2003 (18.8 megabytes, click here to download)

Hard- and software requirements for patch 4.14:

The file SFS414PATCH.EXE is a 'patch', this means that it does only contain the changes of version 4.14 against older versions. You can update your installed version with this file. Just follow this procedure:

  1. Save the file to your harddisk.
  2. Start the file SFS414PATCH.EXE by double click.
  3. Now a window shows up, please enter the folder in which SFSPC 4 is installed in the field named 'Please enter the path where the program resides:'. this is 'C:\SFS403\', for example.
  4. Push the button 'Apply'.
  5. In the lower white field you will see messages concerning the progress of the patch procedure, above the field a progress counter in % is displayed. The patch procedure may take some minutes.
  6. When you see a dialog with the text 'All files were succesfully patched...', please confirm it with the button 'OK'. Then leave the program with the button 'Close'.
  7. Your installation of SFSPC 4 has now been updated to version 4.14. You can launch SFSPC 4 like before from the Windows Start menu.

If you re-install SFSPC 4 from CD ROM, you have to apply the patch again in order to have the latest version. Therefore, don't delete the file SFS414PATCH.EXE, but store it in a safe place. You should not store it in the SFSPC folder, because this folder will be deleted when uninstalling SFSPC 4.

This patch works with all older versions of SFSPC 4 (for example 4.03, 4.07, 4.10).

Since version 4.10 we have slightly changed the file formats for aircraft, therefore the additional planes for older program versions (4.07) will not work with version 4.14. If such 'older' planes exist in the subdirectory \DATEN\AC-DATEN, the SFSPC menu will display a warning message.

When you have problems, questions or suggestions concerning this patch, please email to