Not available anymore:

Version 3.0

For those, whose computers do not (yet) fulfill the hardware requirements of SFSPC 4, we have SFSPC 3, the predecessor. SFSPC 3 ist made for older computers but uses the same physical modelation as SFSPC 4, making the flight characteristics equally realistic. However, the graphics are not as beautiful as in SFSPC 4.

Please download a free demo of SFSPC 3 and try it!

Now cheaper: only DM 49,- (EUR 25,05) instead of DM 79,- (EUR 40,39)!

Hard- and software requirements for SFSPC 3:

SFSPC 3 is software for IBM compatible Personal Computers with MSDOS.

required hardware:

required software:

How can i get SFSPC 3?

You may order in our internet shop (only for deliveries inside Germany)


send the order form to this address:

Dipl-Ing. Uwe Milde
Software Development

Lange Reihe 38
D-27211 Bassum-Bramstedt
Tel. (+49) 42 41 / 97 17 73
Fax (+49) 42 41 / 97 17 74


send an email to:

SFSPC 3.0 will be delivered on CD ROM, together with printed, illustrated manual.

The prices:


According to german law you have the right to cancel your order within 2 weeks without mentioning a cause. This has to be done either by written cancellation or by sending back the delivered articles. This right does not apply to sealed software if the seal has been broken. Up to an article value of 40 Euro, the customer  pays the postage costs of the returned articles.