Soaring Flight Simulator
"Made in Germany"
Version 4


What is SFSPC?:

SFSPC is a soaring flight simulator. It simulates the flight with a soaring plane on Windows computers and uses a very realistic modelation of the physical characteristics of a soaring plane. Manouvers, which you can fly with the real plane, can also be done with SFSPC. Take off, landing, thermal and ridge soaring as free flight or with evaluation are possible, even competitions against computer controlled pilots.

Who should use SFSPC?

Programmed by Detlev Schwetzler and Uwe Milde, both are aerodynamics engineers and therefore concerned with flight physics. Being fascinated by flight simulators, they were often disappointed by the fact that the popular programs showed severe errors in flight characteristics. Therefore they tried to do is the result.

The simulator grew on evenings and weekends over more than ten years, while paying regard to many suggestions by experts, glider pilots and instructors. We want to thank all those, who contributed to the improvement of the program with their suggestions. Please carry on, because the development shall not stop!

See what the famous Richard Johnson writes about SFSPC.

The free demo will tell you more than any words. Try it!

Version 4 has been rewritten from scratch, it now uses the capabilities of modern computers with Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

Some of the new features:

Hard- and software requirements:

The simulator renders the 3D graphics either by OpenGL or Software, selectable in the menu. The OpenGL version requires a graphics card with good OpenGL support. For the Software version we recommend a PC with at least 1 GHz CPU speed.