Here is the PDF manual for the full version of SFSPC 4 and some text files with information to special aspects of this simulator. From time to time, we will publish new files and the latest version of the manual here.

updated for Version 4.10: Information (PDF) and tools for making 3d objects and gliders for SFSPC 4.10, 26.02.2003, 630 kilobytes. For experts only! This is a text and some files which shall help anyone who is interested to make own 3d objects and gliders. Don't expect too much, it is not too easy and involves quite some work.

new: airfield descriptions for version 4.10 (PDF file, 5.6 megabytes)

SFSPC 4 Manual, last revision May 31st, 2003, 1.3 megabytes. This is the current manual revision, version 4.11.  Everyone, who is interested in SFSPC 4 may use this document to get a better impression of what this simulator is about.