www.segelflug.de has been so friendly to provide a corner in their forum.

Please click here to go to the SFSPC-forum on www.segelflug.de

Following the suggestions of SFSPC fans we have set up this forum, it shall serve to exchange the experiences of SFSPC users and those who are interested in this software.

We (the developers) will participate from time to time and comment on some of the contributions. Our limited time does not allow us to take care of this forum all the time, so please use this forum responsibly. We will delete any contribution which does not belong here. You should express your critics about  SFSPC, because we would like to get an impression where we can improve this simulator. However, we surely have the ability to bear praise in high quantities...

This shall be no forum for support requests, because we are not able to respond directly to all contributions (see above). Therefore, you should ask support questions by email, like before.

The forum is ment to be mixed language, german and english. We encourage our german language contributors to write in english, so that as many as possible users will be able to read it. However, we don't want to fix a certain language, and we hope it will work this way.